Distributed and Intelligent Systems Research Group
The DISGroup is a research group within the Harrow School of Computer Science at the University of Westminster. The group is led by Prof. Vladimir Getov and consists of a number of post docs, research associates, PhD students, and academic staff (see People for more details).

Research in the DISGroup focuses in the areas of High Performance Environments, Component-oriented Systems, Cluster and Grid Computing, Pervasive Grid Computing and more.

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@ 17:23, 19 Jul 2008  
DISGroup Participates at the 23rd Open Grid Forum
The 23rd Open Grid Forum (OGF) took place in Barcelona between 2-6 June 2008.

The DISGroup through its participation in the CoreGRID European Project (http://www.coregrid.net) was involved in the CoreGRID Industrial Showcase at OGF.

Vladimir Getov, Stavros Isaiadis, and Artie Basukoski, were responsible for the demonstration of the Grid IDE (see GIDE Wiki for more details), an effort that originates from the GridCOMP project (a CoreGRID spinoff project).

Members of the European Commission also attended the showcase.

CoreGRID Logo GridCOMP Logo

@ 16:14, 7 Apr 2008  
Site Down on Wednesday 9th April 2008
All web sites of the school of computer science hosted in one of the Harrow Servers -including of course the DISGroup site, will be down on Wednesday 9th April 2008 from 5pm until Thursday morning 10am.

This is due to electrical testing on one of the mains power supplies.

@ 20:59, 23 Dec 2007  
GIDE Wiki and Issue Tracking
The GIDE Project (an IDE for the Grid) now has its own Wiki pages and bug/feature tracking system!

Users can check the latest documentation, installation instructions, change logs etc as well as report bugs or request features from the developers.

You can visit the GIDE Wiki here (new window), while you can find the issue tracker here (new window).

@ 00:05, 18 Sep 2007  
HSCS Research Student Workshop 2007
The DISGroup had a number of its members presenting their work at the annual Harrow School of Computer Science Research Student Workshop.

All the presentations, as well as the proceedings and the agenda are available online.

For more details see here

@ 08:06, 29 Aug 2007  
Welcome to the new DISGroup Site
This is the new and updated Distributed and Intelligent Systems Group site. In this area you will be able to track recent updates, events, publications, presentations, and conferences related to the Group.